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Most Honda models since 2012 come equipped with an in-built Service Reminder System. This means that the control systems within your car will continually monitor driving style and vehicle usage. When the system determines that a service operation is required it will alert the driver by illuminating a warning light on the dashboard display. The warning is orange in colour and is in the form of a spanner and will also show the number of days to the due date for the particular service item. At this point you can select the vehicle information menu via the vehicle display and read the code or codes of the service items that the system is advising you to have carried out. For more detailed information on the Service Reminder System please refer to your owner’s handbook. 

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Below you can find what each of the individual codes mean and the maximum price you can expect to pay at one of our branches . Contact your local branch - Ennis, Galway or Limerick for more information.

Fixed Price Maintenance Options

Maintenance OperationPartsLabour TimeVAT @ 13.5%Total Cost
Maintenance Item A
Lubrication Service Petrol Engine
Maintenance Item A
Lubrication Service Diesel Engine
Maintenance Item B
Annual Safety Inspection
Maintenance Item 2
Replace Pollen Filter
Maintenance Item 3
Replace Manual Fluid Transmission
Maintenance Item 3
Replace CVT Fluid Transmission 
Maintenance Item 3
Replace 9AT Fluid Transmission 
Maintenance Item 4
Replace Diesel Engine Fuel Filter
Maintenance Item 4
Replace Petrol Engine Spark Plugs 
Maintenance Item 5
Lubrication Service Petrol Engine
Maintenance Item 6
Replace Engine Coolant 
Maintenance Item 7
Replace Rear Differential Fluid 
Maintenance Item 8
Replace Engine Air Filter 
Maintenance Item 9
Valve Clearance Inspection

For more information on pricing for your Honda please call us on at one of our branches - Ennis 065 6897333, Limerick 061 452244 or Galway 091 741 100 or book your service online today using the below button.


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